65% Portable Keyboard

Invisible and Foldaway stand

Magic Design for Mac and Windows

Connect up to 3 devices

Wireless & Wired Connection

Hot-Swappable with Mechanical Switches

Bluetooth 5.1

Customizable with software for Mac & Windows

Personalize your experience with software for Mac & Windows.

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Epomaker NT68 is the world’s first portable 65% wireless mechanical keyboard that comes with an invisible stand.

It is the perfect combination of compact design and quality construction with fully customizable functions. With Mac and Windows layouts, it can work perfectly for your daily use, especially for your laptop. The invisible and foldaway stand design brings portability and comfort to your everyday work. Get ready to enjoy the unmatched joy of typing on a mechanical keyboard, wherever you are!

Upgrade Your Mobile Office Experience

Epomaker NT68 comes with the proprietary slim magnetic case. With three holders, you can put your mobile phone, pad or even your pad pencil on the case. The FN keys are designed with one right and one left, you can choose the best fit for your typing experience. Mobile office is easy!

Erogonomic Design

Epomaker NT68 is designed for portable use, especially with laptops . We have designed a proprietary slim magnetic case for the NT68 that also functions as a stand for phones and tablets, as well as height adjustment for your keyboard. Unlike flat keyboards found on typical laptops, you can adjust the NT68’s typing angle from 6-15.5 degrees to best fit your wrists. With the special design, it can help the laptop with better heat dissipation.

Better for Mac

The NT68 provides the perfect experience on both Mac and Windows. All of the Mac keys are fully covered on the NT68 at the exact locations, allowing a seamless transition from your mac keyboard to the NT68. And with swappable keys, you can convert it back and forth from Mac to Windows layouts whenever you want!

Bluetooth 5.1 + USB Connection

Designed for versatility, the NT68 is available in two distinct modes: wireless and wired. You can connect the keyboard via Bluetooth for wireless connectivity or with the included Type-C USB cable. With Bluetooth 5.1, it seamlessly integrates with your phone, laptop, or tablet. The keyboard utilizes the latest Bluetooth chipset, allowing up to three devices to be connected at once. It can also easily switch between devices for efficient multitasking and speedy performance.

Mechanical Switches

NT68 is available with popular Gateron mechanical switches (Blue, Brown, Black, Red) and our latest proprietary Chocolate Switches (Blue, Red, Silver, Brown, Rose Brown). After studying the designs and flaws of most typical mechanical switches, we have developed our innovative switch mechanism. Our new and improved switch design helps reduce the physical wear on the switches while providing a smoother typing experience.


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Epoch of Makers

Composed of a team of young gamers, software engineers, and product designers who love tech gadgets, we set out to develop the best products that encapsulate personality, functionality, and affordability. Unsatisfied with the keyboards currently available in the market, we have created our own ultimate portable, wireless and fully customizable mechanical keyboard to meet all of your daily needs. Our promise is to deliver keyboards that are well designed at an affordable price.

Epomaker means the Epoch Maker of Gamers. We are committed to providing worldwide with the best mechanical keyboards Asia has to offer. We are always here to match you with the perfect keyboard for your personalized needs. Join us on the journey to find the best keyboard for you.

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